Sukrala Mata

The most famous shrine in Billawar is Sukrala Devi Shrine at a height of 3500 ft on a hillock amidst sylvan surroundings at a distance of 10 km from Billawar and about 75 km from Kathua. The temple has white-line-coated edifice. The pilgrims have to scale flights of many steps to reach the temple. According to the local belief, the holy shrine is the abode to the goddess Mal Devi, the re-incarnation of Sharda Devi whome according to them has manifested herself here in the shape of a Shila (Stone Slab) seated on a Brass Lion with a silver mounted head.
Behind the slab is an image of Mahishasur Murdini (re-incarnation of Mahalakshmi) standing on the body of Mahishasur, the Demon King. The Goddess is four Armed with a sword in one of her hands. The shrine is believed to have been built by Madho Singh and exiled Prince of Chamba (Himachal Pradesh). During Navratri the number of pilgrims goes over 50 thousand.